Sascrs Congress

Epstein Memorial Lecture

DR Edward Epstein

The Epstein Lecture is dedicated to the late Dr Edward Epstein, who was the South African pioneer in the development of pseudophakic correction in cataract surgery in the fifties. He was a founding member and honorary member of the SASCRS.

This lecture is given at a Congress of the SASCRS by an ophthalmologist who has distinguished himself by outstanding international and local contributions for the advancement of cataract or refractive surgery.

The purpose of this Award is to recognise an Ophthalmologist’s consistent participation as an Ophthalmologist, in charitable activities, indigent care, community service and other humanitarian activities.

The Qualifying Criteria

The nominee must have demonstrated a pattern of humanitarian service in Africa over a period of several years. Qualifying service might include, but not limited to, care for the indigent, service in inner city or rural African locations with disadvantaged persons, care for underprivileged individuals of specific racial or ethnic background and care in settings of high risk to the Ophthalmologist.

Service must have been above and beyond the usual service commitment required of an Ophthalmologist.

The service should have entailed personal sacrifice on the part of the Ophthalmologist.

Only one such Award may be given to an individual during his or her lifetime.

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